From collection to product to collection again

Collecting empty inkjet cartridges and then refilling them is a sustainable business model in itself. Recoll wants to prevent empty cartridges from being discarded after a single use. That’s why we invest a lot of time and energy in collecting empty cartridges and preparing them for reuse. Because the average cartridge is reusable up to four times.

Logistiek vervoer lege inktcartridges

“When it comes to logistics, Recoll cannot be beat. Their service for delivering and picking up the collection boxes is perfect. I was afraid it would be extra work for me, but in fact it’s only meant that I now have more and more customers!”

sorteren van lege inkjet cartridges

Step 1: sorting
We bring the cartridges from all collection points together centrally. There they are sorted by type and quality upon arrival.

Step 2: Quality Control
Recoll is dedicated to quality. That’s why we test the sorted cartridges one at a time to ensure their electronic circuits are still fully functional.

Remanufacturing production

Step 3: Cleaning, refilling and test printing

Sometimes, only certain parts of a cartridge are worn out. In that case, we replace those parts. Because some ink always remains in empty cartridges, we rinse away the last remnants. This is done with water that we re-purify ourselves. This is followed by a treatment with warm air. We then fill the sealed cartridges under vacuum conditions. This prevents air from entering the cartridge when refilling. Finally, we test the print quality of each refilled cartridge. Sometimes a cartridge goes back to step 2, because only cartridges that meet our strict quality requirements are allowed to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: branding
Each approved cartridge is assigned a unique product code. This allows us to track products throughout our entire logistics chain. Recoll markets refilled cartridges under different brands, including our own brand, RecycleClub. Some customers choose to sell our products under their own brand. During the packaging process, each cartridge receives its own stickers and packaging.

RecycleClub verpakkingen

Step 5: sales
Well-known retailers and online shops have been selling Recoll refilled cartridges for years. Our cartridges are the sustainable alternative to buying all-new cartridges. Recoll proves that recycling and high print quality go hand in hand.

Tip: XXL
Cartridges that contain more ink for an even longer lifespan. That means less refilling and fewer emissions. At Recoll, we always advise shop owners to point out the advantages of larger cartridges to their customers. These cartridges are also a cost-effective alternative. That means more for less!

– Olivier Wernain: Sales Director Europe at Recoll


Recoll’s products meet all the necessary quality standards. That goes without saying.
In addition, our processes for collection and production are extensively certified in several countries.

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Join Recoll!

The more empty cartridges we have at our disposal, the more remanufactured ink cartridges will enter the market. That’s an attractive prospect. Also for you, because the margin on refilled cartridges is greater. And even without that extra incentive: if there’s a way to conserve precious raw materials, wouldn’t you use it?

  • Sustainable business
  • Recoll arranges everything related to the collection
  • Earn extra income with returned inkjet cartridges

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