The Recoll Europe Team

At Recoll, we've been collecting empty inkjet cartridges since 1993. What started on a small scale has now grown into a global company.

Recoll Europe is actively involved in collecting empty cartridges and selling refilled cartridges. We operate in no fewer than 14 EU countries. The scale on which Recoll operates is of great importance for our sustainable ambitions. Larger volumes reduce the environmental impact of all our processes per cartridge (collection, distribution, inspection, cleaning, recovery, refilling and sales).


Our mission and vision

Empty ink cartridges are still unnecessarily disposed of as un-recycled waste.
This results in precious resources winding up in the landfill.
At Recoll Europe we do everything we can to extend the life of a cartridge.
With our wide range of collection and promotional materials we help retailers
to return the cartridges they sell to their store or webshop. Together we set up a
circular economy of selling, collecting, reproducing and selling again.
That is improving our world for you, your customers and the climate.

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Team Nederland

José van Peer

Customer Service Executive

Mariella Barendse

Customer Service Executive

Sven Husmann

Head of Sales & Collect Europe

Olivier Wernain

Directeur Commercial Europe – Vente et Collecte

Kevin Dircken

Forecast, Product & Customer Service Manager

Mireille Hopstaken

Finance Executive

Johan Damen

Manager Finance, Accounting & Control

Sam Schrover

Supply Chain Manager

Ruud Janse

Trading Manager

Tijmen van der Kooij

Marketing & Customer Operations

Bas Pardoel

Managing Director

L'equipe France

Olivier Wernain

Directeur Commercial Europe – Vente et Collecte

Lothaire Puertolas

Manager Commercial Vente et Collecte - France

Xavier Dautreme

Responsable Collecte France

Matthieu Bossis

Responsable Commercial Vente et Collecte - Ouest – Sud-Ouest

Nicolas Genet

Responsable Commercial Vente et Collecte - Ouest – Nord-Ouest

Fabrice Thuilot

Responsable Commercial Vente et Collecte - Est – Nord-Est

David Seiller

Responsable Grands Comptes Collecte

Sophie Monnier

Assistante Commerciale Vente et Collecte

Priscilla Moricaud

Assistante Commerciale Vente et Collecte

Team Deutschland

Sven Husmann

Head of Sales & Collect Europe

Petra Frahne

Kundenservice/Customer Support
Inleveren van lege inktcartridges

Join Recoll!

The more empty cartridges we have at our disposal, the more remanufactured ink cartridges will enter the market. That’s an attractive prospect. Also for you, because the margin on refilled cartridges is greater. And even without that extra incentive: if there’s a way to conserve precious raw materials, wouldn’t you use it?

  • Sustainable business
  • Recoll arranges everything related to the collection
  • Earn extra income with returned inkjet cartridges

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