About Recoll

Under the name ‘WECARE4Collecting’, we have been collecting empty cartridges for many years in order to make them suitable for re-use.

In June 2010, ‘WECARE4’ merged with Armor. This merger has resulted in enhanced capabilities and internationalisation. But do we need a new name for this?  No, our former name (Recoll) will suffice, i.e. the name that we already used before our collection activities were entrusted to WECARE4.

Recoll is a familiar name that is known for providing reliable service, but now, with even more benefits! At Recoll, you can now profit from the benefits of attractive remuneration and suppliers within the Netherlands and Belgium can save via the unique saving programme to obtain fabulous gifts.

How we work
Recoll provides used cartridges with a new life. Upon receiving the empty cartridges, we remove all of the packaging materials. They are then carefully sorted, visually inspected, and packed per item. These boxes are then sent to our production facility where the cartridges are subjected to a second visual inspection and an electronic check.

If it is evident that the cartridge is still operating correctly, it is intensively cleaned, filled using a vacuum filling technique, subjected to stringent quality control and packed with a 100% quality guarantee. This enables us to offer you optimal and affordable alternative cartridges.

Collection pays off
The handing in of empty cartridges at the source is recommended, because without the supply of a sufficient number of empty cartridges, alternative cartridges would not be available. Moreover, collection not only has an immediate beneficial effect on the environment, but also provides a welcome additional financial contribution!