What will happen to my personal details?
In accordance with the applicable Protection of Personal Details Act, your personal details are handled extremely carefully. The processing and protection of your details have been set down in our privacy policy.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
Please click on ‘Register’ and follow the procedure for ‘Forgotten password’. You will receive a new password by e-mail.

Where can I send my empty cartridges?
Your shipment will be collected free of charge, provided that your shipment has a minimum value of €25.

How much does a collection box cost?
Nothing. This box is made available to you free of charge.

Can I submit anything to Recoll?
You can submit all your empty toners and inkjet cartridges, provided that your shipment has a minimum value of € 25. We do not collect empty batteries, toner bottles or other waste.

Do I first need to sort my shipment?
You are not obliged to do so, but it may speed up the sorting process of your shipment.

When may I expect to receive my credit note and payment?
The entire process from collection through to sorting and crediting takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks. In principle, payment of your credit note takes place within 14 days.

Can the amount be transferred to a good cause of my choice?
This is certainly possible; you will need to provide us with the account number and name of the charity and we will ensure the transfer is made correctly.

Are the refunds listed inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
All listed refunds are exclusive of VAT.

Can I, as a private individual, submit my empty cartridges to Recoll?
You can deposit empty cartridges in a dedicated empties box in the shop. It is, however, also possible to send your cartridges to our dedicated freepost address. A free collection envelope can be requested by completing the application form in the consumer section of this site.

What happens to the empty cartridges collected by Recoll?
The empty cartridges that we collect are carefully processed for reuse, allowing for the supply of good and cheap alternatives.

How can I participate in Recoll's empties collection system?
You can participate automatically and free of charge. For every 10 submitted inkjet cartridges (for which a refund applies) you will receive 1 bonus point (BENELUX only)

Do the bonus points also apply to toner cartridges?
No, they are only awarded for inkjet cartridges.

Do you have any questions or comments that have not been answered above? Then please complete the contact form for our Customer Service or send us an e-mail. We will reply to you soon.