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As an online retailer, it's important for you to keep your customers satisfied and coming back to your site. A sustainable collection concept from Recoll can help.

Your customer orders a new ink cartridge in your webshop. What happens when the cartridge is empty? As an online retailer, it used to be impossible for you to keep track of this. Recoll now makes it possible for your shop to collect cartridges. And you’ll receive a financial reward for each empty cartridge you collect. That’s an extra source of income that you can spend, for example, by offering your customers a discount on their next order or donating to a good cause. The choice is entirely up to you.

Online inzameling lege inkjet cartridges

Who is it for?

You operate a webshop that sells office supplies. There’s a good chance that you’ve optimized your ordering process down to the last detail. After all, you want to do everything you can to boost sales. Yet you’re increasingly hearing from customers who want to know if they can return their empty ink cartridges to you. Because more and more people (both companies and private individuals) are discovering that used cartridges can be reused. Recoll helps online retailers to respond to that growing demand from the market. We know from experience that offering a return option quickly leads to a growing flow of empty cartridges.

How does online collection work?

Your customer places an order at home or at the office. The package also includes a special return envelope, intended for empty cartridges of the same type. Recoll ensures that the envelope is designed in your brand’s corporate identity. Each envelope has a unique code. What happens when the customer sends an empty ink cartridge back? The envelope arrives at Recoll’s local warehouse. We scan the unique code and check the contents. We keep track of all the cartridges collected from your customers and issue a payment to you periodically for the cartridges we’ve received.

How much will I earn?

You will receive a reference list from us which inkjet cartridges are suitable for collection. It also states exactly what compensation you receive for which cartridge. Invest this new income any way you like. Some collectors return the compensation to their customers, for example as a discount on their next purchase. Others donate it to charity. There are also retailers who keep the compensation themselves to spend as they see fit.


Why collect?

Today, empty cartridges usually end up in the waste bin in the office and at home. Yet an empty cartridge can often be refilled and reused four to five times. To extend the life of each cartridge and save valuable raw materials, it’s important to take a structured, careful approach to collecting cartridges. Recoll brings all the separate collection flows from shops and online shops together. This allows us to efficiently sort, check, refill and then re-sell cartridges on a large scale. Collecting is better for our planet and it shows your customers how much your company cares about the environment.

What about my shop?

In addition to your webshop, you may also want to be physically visible, with a shop or a pick-up point, for example. In that case, you need a hybrid collection solution. That way, you don’t have to choose between our different collection tools. Because at Recoll we understand all too well that every sales channel has its own requirements. With hybrid collection you benefit from the best of both worlds. You offer the customization that customers expect from online shopping. Plus the personal contact that your customers expect when visiting a store in real life.

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Join Recoll!

The more empty cartridges we have at our disposal, the more remanufactured ink cartridges will enter the market. That’s an attractive prospect. Also for you, because the margin on refilled cartridges is greater. And even without that extra incentive: if there’s a way to conserve precious raw materials, wouldn’t you use it?

  • Sustainable business
  • Recoll arranges everything related to the collection
  • Earn extra income with returned inkjet cartridges

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